Prosthodontics has come a long way in dentistry in terms of replacement techniques as well as materials. Patient satisfaction is at the forefront of our work, and we care just as much about aesthetics as we do about function, comfort, and durability.  Years of experience, and professional development has helped  improve our knowledge of the ever- advancing materials used  in restoration dentistry.

At the Brighton Dental Labs, we only want to use the best materials and this is why our dentures are made using  new generation acrylic resins and monomer-free flexible acrylics.


Full and partial dentures.

Same day dentures.

Flexi Dentures.

Cobalt chrome dentures.

Denture repairs.

Copy Dentures.


Brighton Dental Labs use market leading brands like Ivoclar Vivadent and Merz dental acrylic teeth for the manufacture of  dentures. These high impact resistant teeth are made of  high-quality multi-layered acrylic resins.

The design of dentures should be individual to each case. Patients and dentists can characterize their smile with gaps between teeth, brighten or  contour their smile, to give a more natural or rejuvenated appearance. Our technicians are often involved in the patient treatment process by discussing tooth shapes, moulds, and colors in the dental laboratory.

During this denture-making process the patient’s age, gender, sex, and face shape are  all taken into consideration. The process begins in the dental surgery, where the dentist will take the initial impressions of the upper and lower arches.

Plaster models  are then made using the impressions, to make a wax bite and special tray. This wax bite is used to measure the precise distances between the upper and lower arches when the patient is biting down lightly. The wax bite rims are also used to design the shape of the new smile and or position of the new teeth. The  bite and lip level, as well as the relationship between the patient’s bite pattern and Jaw, are finalised during this stage of treatment.

With all this recorded information our technicians will design the teeth and sculpt the adjoining tissue. This can then be evaluated by the dentist and patient for fit as well as aesthetics. This stage is called the denture wax try-in.

Once the wax try-in is met by the expectations of both the dentist and patient it is time to complete the dentures. The dental laboratory will complete the final denture from the information of the wax try-in. Sometimes further adjustments may be needed and a re-try-in is required. The dentist can send the wax try-in dentures  to us as many times as is needed until both the dentist and patient are happy with the results, it is only then that the final denture will be made.

Our dental laboratory  can manufacture a set of dentures in just one day, partial dentures can take as little as 3 hours to complete.