The success of dentists depends greatly on the quality and efficiency of the laboratories they partner with. This choice will determine whether you will have happy or unhappy patients. Failure in choosing wisely is a reason many dentists change their laboratory partners often.

We understand that efficiency, reliability, and consistency matter, or should, in your choice of laboratory partner. For this reason, we strive to offer you the best of services. Our goal is your happiness and the satisfaction of your patients.

Our labs use the best materials for the crowns and bridges that we provide. We offer some of the latest and best all-ceramic and conventional materials available. These boast impressive strength, extended durability, and awesome aesthetics. With these materials, you get significantly life-like results.

At our labs, you get an impressive range of crown and bridge options. The following are among the latest and best materials and methods you can access at our labs.


IPS e.max

A product of Ivoclar Vivadent, the IPS e.max system is regarded as one of the best things to happen to dentistry. It offers simplicity, versatility, and 'metal-free' aesthetics. This is an ideal choice for dental restoration if your patient places a high premium on looks. It is not only about aesthetics, though, but also function.

IPS e.max gives your patients the lithium disilicate and fluorapatite glass-ceramic benefits together with the benefits of zirconium oxide ceramics. It is arguably the best option for adding natural feel to crown and bridge restorations.

This material boasts superb versatility. It can be used for onlays, inlays, and veneers, amongst others. It is ideal for simple standard or high-end layering and effects. IPS e.max comes in numerous Chromascop, A-D shades, and light Bleach shades.



Also known as zirconium, zirconia is regarded as the strongest and hardest material in dentistry. Cubic zirconia, which we use, is a cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. The advanced bio-compatible material has no optical flaws and is typically colorless. It can also be made in a variety of colors, albeit limited.

Zirconia boasts highly impressive durability. And the absence of dark metals means that our technicians can easily develop prosthetics with properties of a natural tooth, including light reflection.



Porcelain or ceramic ranks among the options that possess the qualities fitting for satisfactory dental restorations. It offers aesthetics, strength, and durability. With this material, our technicians can produce great imitations of natural teeth.

Porcelain is cosmetically appealing. It boasts a wide range of shades. This is a great material for contouring and etching. It enables the reproduction of the details of a natural tooth.

Used singly, porcelain or ceramic cannot provide support for large dental restorations. It is fused or bonded on other materials in such instances. This explains why we have porcelain bonded to metal or zirconium. The former is more common.

Porcelain bonded to metal crowns feature metal alloys to add greater durability to aesthetics. Best alloy options include titanium, palladium, and chromium nickel. These provide supporting framework to porcelain or ceramic crowns and bridges.

We provide attractive and highly durable bonded crowns, mostly for the NHS dental practices we work with.


Full Gold Crowns

This is a form of all-metal crowns. As the name suggests, full-gold crowns are made completely of gold or a gold alloy. They are great choices for long-term durability. There is minimal risk of breakage with this material choice.

Full gold crowns are typically used in areas of the mouth where they cannot be easily seen or appearance is not an issue. They are perfect for posterior crowns and bridges with limited occlusal space. They cover the tooth to the gum line.

Our lab technicians can develop for your patients fitting and hard-wearing full gold crowns. And they do not have to worry about undue wear to nearby teeth from these.


Here to Help

We understand perfectly that you desire to render satisfactory services to your patients. We can help to make that possible. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of an average dentist and their patients. Your success is ours.

The technicians at our Brighton labs work closely with you and your patients to produce pleasant outcomes. We are at your service to make those aesthetic, durable, and natural restorations possible. We can help to meet and exceed your patients' expectation.

It takes our technicians about two weeks or less to make crowns and bridges, from the time of receiving patient's impressions. We use the best materials and methods in prosthodontics, including IPS e.max, in the making of crowns and bridgework for implants.

We are always on hand to discuss you dental lab service needs. Feel free to call or send an email to know how we can help with the treatment of your next patient.